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tv   Today  NBC  October 3, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockeller plaza. you made it to another booze-day, tuesday, everybody, october 2nd. well into this beautiful month of october. did you see the moon last night? >> it was the beautiful fat, orange, gorgeous moon. >> beautiful. and it came at the tail end of our amazing trip to the university of tennessee yesterday. >> can i tell you something. >> oy! >> they turned it out. they camped out the night
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before. there were people from babies under one year old to a woman who was in her 70s, do you remember her? >> helen. >> helen. we had such a terrific crowd, it was so energizing when we were out there. >> we were in a sea of orange and we loved it. >> it was great. >> and kip kicked it. >> kip kicked. >> he was hot. >> that was kathie lee. >> what idiots. >> that was a big -- that was the highlight. >> she picked it. i'm protesting, go. [ cheers ] >> you get a file of kathie lee cds. ♪
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>> something about a truck. >> something about kip. >> he was terrific. thank you all for sending in all your pictures and things. >> yeah. >> we put a lot of them on facebook. >> i have a question about my expressions. i seem to look insane in most photos. and i'm a little concerned. thanks for picking that one. >> is that the only one? >> i hope -- >> that's helen. there's helen. >> she was so sweet. >> lovely lady. >> she was there since early that morning. >> aw, that was the little baby. remember? >> we were in that van driving to the airport and that lady was standing there with that baby and we said, stop the car, we're getting off. >> so cute. we had a lot of fun. >> i didn't have a chance to say, because it was crazy, that i had gone to my beautiful niece, shannie mader's wedding. last friday.
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there she is. she is now mrs. mark buchteller. there she is with my sister mish. i just wish them all the happiness in the world. >> there's the hubby. >> there's mark. >> he's tall. >> he's tall, a soccer player, he's in great shape and they're off cruising some place. so she's not watching, but it makes my sister really happy. >> you know all you do is try to make people happy. and in doing so, you get a lot of people really angry with you. >> because you can't please everybody. >> but it was a beautiful wedding. >> this thursday i went to see motown -- >> our friend doug morris is producing a musical on the life of barry gordie. >> yeah, terrific. anyway, it was a lot of fun. fun to listen to all those old songs. >> it was a blast. in the middle of smoky robinson. >> who's that on the left? >> just someone else. >> anyway -- >> he's so cute. >> if you happen to be strolling through times square, and i hope are you on your way to the ticket sales, if you look up you
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will notice there is a big -- >> scandalous billboard. >> it is the, on broadway, between 46th and 47th. right in front of the tkts booth, where you can buy tickets. here's our little challenge for you. when you see that, if you're in new york on broadway between 46th and 47th. take a picture in front of it, be creative, be crazy. we're going to try to put them on the air and maybe we'll do something for the whackiest of august. >> absolutely we will. it's getting an awful lot of -- >> i'm sick of it. >> hoda is taking umbrage. >> arnold schwarzenegger has a new book out. i'm sure you know if you've been living under a rock maybe not. it's upsetting a lot of people for a lot of reasons. >> first of all, you can't turn on tv without seeing him. he's on "60 minutes," on all the entertainment shows, on and on and talking about the subject
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and i think the thing that struck me so much was in the interviews he keeps saying, i was stupid. i was stupid. i was stupid. i think, not to be judge judy. i think there's stupid, okay. and then there is an issue of morality and character. that's different from stupid. stupid is -- you spill a glass of wine, which i do, often. that's stupid. but when you do something like that, that's not, that's not about stupidity. that's something that you -- that's something within you in your character and i think it just seems so painful to watch him continue to talk about it. over and over. >> in fairness, it's his life memoir. so it's all about everything, from coming from austria and becoming the body builder in the movies and everything. but obviously because it's been such a short amount of time with the scandal with the housekeeper and having the child out of wedlock. that it just seems now of course nobody wants to talk about his body building years or anything else. that's all anybody is interested in is what's happened to him and maria. >> i wonder had his book been that popular had the last chapter not even happened.
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>> if you look at the book sales, i was wondering if people are going to buy it. they had video of people in new york when they were like up to buy his books. and if you look at the line, in the line, most of the people that you see there are -- men. there aren't women obviously buying this book. i think most women look at it and go, oh my god -- >> glad it's you and not me, arnold, like it's a boy's club or something. what upsets me the most about it, the man has a right to write a book. he has the right to do anything he wants to do. but why put your family through all of this? yet one more time? >> yes. >> it's tough enough the first time. really painful to pick a scab and get it bleeding again. and just seems insensitive at best to me. and here's the thing -- if you find out someone's having an affair, cheating on you, whatever reason, betraying you, the first time you get, you get a counselor, you go to your pastor, you go to your rabbi. the first time if you want to forgive, that's what you do.
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the second time, i think you get a lawyer, because now we're talking chronic patterns, innate behavior. and so -- who knows if they get back together again, whether, i mean -- >> if you're weak in an area like that. >> he said when he printed the book, he claimed maria hadn't read it, yet, she supported him, which didn't make any sense to me. >> they're divorcing now, right? that's the latest. we wish that family all the best, we really do. not a fun thing to go through. if you're watching "the voice" last night, it's the last date of blind auditions, everyone had to stack their teams up. there were three outstanding performances according to our producers. and i can't wait to see them. kayla, kaitlyn and -- >> they ended up with adam. >> let's take a look. ♪ ♪ i really want to come kick it with you you'll be my american boy american boy ♪
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[ cheers ] ♪ i'm always in this one ♪ ♪ here i am i'm a man on my feet i can give you what you want but you got to come home with me ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> that guy didn't realize cee-lo had turned around, he thought he got nobody. then he noticed it and went, you picked me! >> they have 16 each now? >> yeah, now the battleground starts to have celebrity judges mentors. >> mary j. blige, michael bublé rob thomas and billy ray cyrus. >> is he out of rehab? >> he's supposed to come out for "the voice." i wonder what you guys think about this. >> welcome to modern life. >> couples don't write love letters to one another any more, they tweet their love.
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they put it out there on facebook and twitter. how much they love their husband, their spouses. and -- >> why is the big question. why? >> i don't know. i guess they want everyone to peek into their relationship and think it's great, maybe? >> why. >> i don't know. >> doesn't anybody value privacy at all? the last thing i want anybody to know is what's going on personally in my life. you know? the people that i trust and love? they know. but you don't know who's out there reading your business. and it's potentially -- [ phone ringing ] >> i don't know what that is. >> it my be that someone has a reminder. >> can we say one quick thing. >> it reminded me we need to do that. >> you know what, remember "downton abbey"? here's what they do they love more than anything. they give each other notes.
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obviously the phone was just coming around. the romance is so subtle and you're watching it happen. >> it's exciting. >> and you know the first kiss is going to be great because there's so much that builds up to the first kiss. >> hello! >> that's awesome. >> i love that. >> it's called romance and it's gone from our world any more. >> it's gone. >> it's like hi, thank you very much. bye, you know. >> what comes in between? >> boinking. >> that's what i thought. i just wanted to be here. >> i hear. everyone has a story -- a phone. ♪ everyone has a moment >> listen to that, one of the great voices of all time. ♪ it's suddenly clear in that moment ♪ >> lovely. elizabeth stewart from mullberry, indiana, an unbelievable story, hoda. she and her husband battled infertility for six years before she finally became pregnant with twins, a little boy and a little girl. 20 weeks into the pregnancy there were complications and she delivered the baby boy stillborn the next day, tragic.
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the baby girl followed shortly after, but died in elizabeth's arms. she and her husband found the strength somehow to keep trying and finally gave birth to a beautiful little girl named lilja. they decided to try for one more child and they found out they were expecting quadruplets, they now have five beautiful children and give thanks every day. for being so lucky. and i think she's on the line with us now. hi. >> hi. >> how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> oh, wow. >> we're just great. >> what are the ages of the children? >> they are almost 17 months, the quads are and lilja just turned four. >> wow, you've got to pack all those kids up and get here, we want to see you on thursday, elizabeth. >> yes, i'm excited. >> we can't wait. >> have a wonderful trip. kiss those babies for us, will you? >> thank you, i will. >> sometimes the older child feels left out. kiss lilja, too. >> i will. >> you know who will be singing for us on thursday?
2:17 am
allison luff. when we were doing auditions for "scandalous." i thought who could understudy karolee carmella. the most amazing singer, actress and everything. this young girl came along and knocked our socks off. >> really? she's that good? >> she's a real star. so that will be on thursday, everybody. we have a big show -- >> we do. >> rachel -- >> she's got a darling show. >> we can't wait. >> and animals. we'll be right back. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance.
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she landed her break-out role playing the stylish summer roberts on "the o.c." now rachel bilson is back on the small screen on her cw series. "hart of dixie." >> she plays a fast-talking doctor and in this season her love is divided between two beefy, sexy guys, take a look.
2:20 am
>> i called off my wedding for you. that's what they call a grand romantic gesture. >> it was just so all of a sudden. >> that's what makes it grand. >> george, you have to admit, it's a little crazy. you just broke up with helen yesterday. >> all i know is that i chose you and i want you and i know you feel the same way. >> maybe not. >> maybe not. how are you, rachel? >> good ho are you? >> i don't think hoda had seen it before. this is fun, it's juicy. like chicken-fried steak. >> now this is an interesting dilemma you find yourself in. choosing between two very sexy guys. set this up for us a little bit. >> my character, you know, has always been in love with george. the george character. and then all of a sudden she finds herself in bed with the the other character, wade. >> how does that happen? >> well -- i don't know. >> not that i'm making excuses for bad behavior. but she thought george was getting married.
2:21 am
. he was getting married. he was in a relationship for 15 years an then -- cut to, he calls off the wedding for her, for her character. comes to my house, i'm in bed with wade and -- drama ensues, as it does. >> now how are you fitting in? this is a small, fictitious southern town and you're trying to fit in. you're a fast-talking new yorker. how does that go? >> it goes well. i talk fast, anyway, hopefully i can pull it off. you guys have to tell me. >> it's not so much about being the doctor part. i saw you extract some ear wax. >> it was like -- some stuff going on here. last year was a little more. but it's definitely more mild when it comes to medical stuff. >> did you have to learn any of those medical terms, is that part of the drill? >> yes and i'm still learning, it's so hard to pronounce some of them. i try and everyone kind of applauds me when i get it right the first time. >> this olympic gymnast is coming on the show.
2:22 am
kind of a guest appearances. she's famous for a couple of reasons. mainly when she didn't win the gold and she had that weird smirk. >> that face. >> i hear you're not so shabby at getting it yourself. >> did you have the face down? >> it was like just different forms of it. i saw it, there you go. >> i like that. that's good. >> i guess i did it and she told me i had done it and i was like, i didn't even know. >> it's called acting. >> what was it like having her on the set? was that kind of fun? >> she's so sweet, it was the first thing she did she kind of wants to be an actress and she did a good job. >> she didn't play herself, it's not a cameo? >> no, she plays a character. really cute, yeah. she like tells me off. it's like burn. hello. all right. >> so you're, you're the young one. now the other people want your job. what's that like? >> well, i guess i am, too.
2:23 am
>> it's a really cute show. it's adorable. >> thank you. >> it airs tonight at 8:00, 7:00 september al on the cw. coming up next, sarah is back to her home town for a cheesy experience. right after this. [ male announcer ] this is rudy. his morning starts with arthritis pain. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy. who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at
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we're back with sara in the city and she's back in her own city. >> she traveled back to her hometown of newton, iowa for the blue plate special. >> i say that the maytag bleu cheese best represents where i came from. it originates in the town where i grew up. after decades of eating this stuff, i finally got to see how it's made. my hometown of newton, iowa, is known for the iowa speedway, the birthplace of the maytag appliance company and the unrelated maytag dairy farm. since 1941, the farm has hand-crafted wheels of this world-renowned bleu cheese.
2:28 am
>> all the bleu cheese you're ever going to see in the store or buy anywhere came out of this vat room. >> may tag bleu starts off as milk in these vats, courtesy of iowa's cows, employees keep tabs on the chemistry and since science isn't my strong suit, myrna gives me a more physical task. >> i'm going to have you follow wes's lead here and he's going to show you what we're looking at as we're trying to make sure we've got everything, nothing is settling on the bottom of the vat. >> is that what broke it up into this? >> that's what makes it firmer. >> can i touch it? >> when you cut it and it's really, really mushy. the more they cure it the firmer it's going to get. >> oh, my gosh. my arm hurts. i swear this job is the best arm workout. >> hooping involves scooping curds into cheesecloth, and spring sprinkling salt and rolling it all together. it's fast, furious and heavy.
2:29 am
>> put it over the top and put your hand here. >> we pack the curds into wheels and add more salt. >> it's like playing in sand. >> pretty much. >> it's a preservative, a flavoring and also a way of bringing the moisture level down in the cheese. >> am i doing it right? >> we're in one of the caves where the bleu cheese ages and it takes about six months. >> you can kind of see the bleu starting to grow on the outside. what's starting to grow on the outside is also starting to grow on the inside. >> is that mold? >> it is a type of mold. >> this is a rocquefort, a type of food grade mold that is a positive thing, not a negative thing. >> finally it's time to wrap up. >> this is cheese origami. >> you're probably the only man who gets assigned to wrap at christmas because you're really good with it. >> he is good. >> brenda is going to teach you. >> the cheese wrappers are the last line of quality control
2:30 am
making sure the bleu cheese looks delectable and the wrapping is pretty. >> we need to keep all the cheese covered. >> that's the goal of wrapping, right? we're not going to want to sell this one. >> so maybe my wrapping looks a little shoddy. when it comes to something as delicate as bleu cheese, something going bad almost always ends up tasting so good. now of course it wouldn't be the happy hour of the "today show" without some wine to go with the cheese. so folks at the maytag dairy farm recommend a full body red to balance out the lactose of the cheese. >> it's nice to see a company like that existing and still thriving. >> i can't believe they do everything by hand. >> i didn't realize that every single thing in a world where everything is done on machines, that that was done by hand from start to finish. >> delicious. >> the cheese you get from me for christmas will be the one i made in that. >> really? >> too bad hoda can't eat it. >> i wish i could.
2:31 am
>> coming up, julie scardina is causing a flap. here with her birds of prey.
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2:33 am
i smell like bleu cheese, but i'm telling you, that was the most delicious bleu cheese i've ever had in my life. we're back with more of "today" on this booze-day tuesday, time for today's buzz. >> from new baby news to honey boo-boo's latest. new host tapped for this year's academy awards. as always, naughty but nice rod schaeffer from "the huffington post" has all the scoop. >> i'm going to smell like bleu cheese for a week. >> let's talk babies, drew barrymore out of the gate. >> she had a little girl last week and she's called the baby olive. interesting, i thought. drew was in a movie called "olive, the other reindeer." so speculating maybe the name came from that movie. >> you don't hear the name often any more. >> it's a beautiful, old-fashioned sort of name. maybe she'll bring it back. >> olivia is a big, big name, but olive --
2:34 am
>> she is keeping a very famous barrymore name, she must. >> of course. >> let's talk about nick and vanessa. >> tweet that they've had their little boy, camden john, a lovely, lovely name. this wasn't the first choice of the name. >> what was? tell us! >> i spoke to vanessa and colin was their first choice. >> before she had the baby, i sat down with her, she said they had a deal if it was a boy he would name the baby. if it was a girl, she would name the baby. however, it was a boy and she picked the name. so they both agreed on it. so it's not colin. >> she did all the work, it's only fair. >> that's a beautiful, beautiful baby. >> they didn't sell it to a magazine. they didn't do any of that. they took the picture and they tweeted it out for all their fans to see. >> there's a scandal happening with a country singer called jason aldean, married with kids, he was seen smooching -- >> he was at a restaurant in hollywood on the hollywood strip and he was photographed kissing an "american idol" contestant.
2:35 am
she didn't get terribly far in the competition. her name is britney. the picture went all over the internet. britney had some very harsh things said about her on twitter. she's deleted her twitter account and said she had no idea this man was married. he left the bar by himself. he did not leave with her. >> did he go home to his wife and explain? >> we do not know but the wife obviously knows about it now. he has issued a statement. >> he and arnold schwarzenegger should go out for drinks, commiserate a little. >> all right. the oscars has a new host. >> oh, yes, i love this. >> look how excited you are. >> seth mcfarland. >> it's an unusual choice. >> he opened the season of "snl" and it was brilliant. i was told this was somewhat of an audition, was told he if did an amazing job, he would get the gig. and he did a comedy central roast. i went to one of those roasts, they're so cheeky and naughty. >> they're filthy.
2:36 am
raunchy. >> they are filthy. >> but he's hysterically funny and he's really smart. >> we can expect a naughtier version of the academy awards. >> i don't think a lot of people know much about him. i think they're going to learn about him when he's up there. i hope he keeps it classy. it will not be in his nature, i don't think. >> he's so talented, he doesn't have to be that way. >> if he sings, it will be a home run. they do all of those dance numbers and stuff on "family guy." my kids wanted to watch "family guy" when they were growing up. i would come in and go -- wait. that's so inappropriate -- wait. don't touch it. and i would start screaming, i'm sorry, he's really talented guy. >> we've got to talk about honey boo-boo's payday. >> she was getting between $4,000 and $7,000 an episode. now it's up to $15,000 to $20,000 an episode. >> she gets more than that. >> reality stars earn a lot more than that.
2:37 am
quite a bargain. >> i don't want them to -- >> we won't change her. >> here's the mother. >> it's a little stale. they need to move to beverly hills and be the new version of "the beverly hill billies." >> i want to see her shop on rodeo drive. become bff with kim kardashian, it just makes sense. >> you know what? you're right. >> it's genius. all for free. we're going to wing it with animal expert, julie scardina. and her birds of prey. and also, stacy london has a brand-new book out. it's about style. coming up. donuts? ♪ [ chuckles ] ♪ you're cute. ♪ [ door creaks, closes ] [ female announcer ] the protein effect. new special k protein cereal.
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we're back with today's call of the wild. and distinctly different birds of prey from all around the world. >> here to explain why these birds are so important to the environment is sea world and bush gardens ambassador and
2:42 am
friend, julie scardina. we want to talk about this whale it's gotten a lot of press. the whale's name is nakai and there was a huge gash taken out of the chunk of the chin and the question was peta was asking, was this a whale fight? did something happen? how did the injury happen? >> he injured it against the side of the pool or one of the areas where he goes through the channels and things like that. so we, i was just there, i saw him he's actually doing really, really well. >> healing? >> it's hard to look at that. >> definitely not a sightly injury there, but it's amazing how well he is doing. he's responding to the other whales and the trainers and everything just like normal. >> will that regenerate, will it grow back? >> yes. actually we're figuring that after it all grows back in, just like a normal wound, it gran hates. -- it granulates.
2:43 am
>> but he's in chlorine. >> it heals up really good and i'm thinking, that's good for the whale. >> no. >> salt also heals, too. >> how about the birds, we've got a barn owl. in the house. >> this is like the best rat trap in the world. it means you don't need to use pesticides or put poisons out. >> what does he like? >> he's a rodent eater right here. the best rodent eater, one little animal like this can eat 12 rodents a night. >> gross? >> you don't want those 12 rodents running around your house, do you? >> it's great to have owls around. these guys are found all over the world. >> he's beautiful. >> you can touch him. he doesn't mind that at all. our relationships with our animals at sea world and bush gardens are so strong and we raise all of them with so much attention and positive reinforcement that they all respond very well. >> should we bring in the hawk?
2:44 am
>> why wouldn't we? >> in order to bring in the hawk i'm going to let you guys actually put on the left hand for each of you. we have two harris hawks. >> is he going to fly in? >> watch your hair. the difference between harris hawks. hold your arm across your body like that and now we're going to fly in the two harris hawks. >> you've got one. >> and the other one is going up to the ceiling. >> kathie lee, hold your arm out. >> i'm holding it out. >> not far enough. >> not the one i expected. >> because i want to go be with the stupid one. >> okay, we'll leave you up there for now. he'll come down in a minute. >> i don't know if i want to keep my glove on. he's protecting his food. these are social birds of prey. one of the few social birds of prey. >> what, they go clubbing? >> they hunt together because they get more success when they hunt together.
2:45 am
>> do you have another bird? >> we're going to try to get this guy down. >> let go, let go of it. >> let go. >> i let go. >> he said i'm taking it all. >> are we at the end? >> is there another bird? is there an eagle? >> or maybe it's a canary. >> we don't have all day. >> what is going on. >> we can't bring the eagle in until the other one is here. >> we're going to leave him out. why don't you hang on to him. you stay right there so you're nice and close. these guys are used to being -- they are ambassador animals. they're from bush garden, they're used to being in environments where there's a lot of hectic things going on when they go to school. other birds and animals coming out. this one, you guys can put your arms down. i don't think he's coming to you. >> we have to wrap. what are we going to do?
2:46 am
>> this is a beautiful bird of prey. >> and now the eagle is upset because he didn't get any face time. >> this is a beautiful fish eagle from africa. >> please, give me the eagle. >> please, we have to go. thank you. >> a beautiful eagle. >> is it over? >> okay. this is good. >> so now we have to start over. >> we have a brand new book. "from the inside out." it's going to be good. after this. follow the wings.
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today's style is brought to you by yoplait, learn how to take your luck from good to so good, with tips from today's style experts. >> all right. she has ambushed hundreds of fashion-challenged men and women on the popular tlc show, "what not to wear." now stacey london is sharing how she transformed the lives of nine real women. in her new book, "the truth about style" she helps women start over and accept their body image to find their own perfect style. look at you. congrats on the new book, by the way. we're so excited for you. >> you both look lovely. >> thank you.
2:51 am
>> you both look lovely. there's the memo about you know, sleeveless. >> we didn't get the memo, sometimes things happen. >> this book under a lot of fashion and style books out there, what do you think makes yours unique, stacy? >> there's a couple of things, it's probably four books in one. >> a little psychiatrist. >> a little style guru. >> it is about body acceptance and self-acceptance, it's about me, my personal struggle. my love/hate relationship with style. and how i've kind of come to the place where i love to help people find their style. you know, one of the things that was really important to me was that i didn't just write the book about me. i tell a little bit of my story. but i went out and looked for other women to tell their story. >> you don't call them makeovers, you call them startovers, which i kind of like. it's beginning again, a second chance kind of thing. >> a whole new mindset. >> that's part of it. >> one of the biggest tenets of the book is we talk about seeing is believing. it's a little more complicated than that. it's that seeing changes feeling, which can change thinking, which can change believing.
2:52 am
so i just sort of expand that a little bit. and that's why style is such a great tool when you need to get outside yourself. when you've told yourself whatever story it is, i can't wear prints, i'm too old to wear skirts, whatever it is. if you can see a visceral change, you can become that change. and you can also create all sorts of positive control in your life. >> it's a weird thing, but when you're an actress and you're struggling with a role and you put on the costumes, it's unbelievable how you start to become that person. because you're wearing her. >> yes. and i think that that really can work in our real lives in a very positive way. >> let's talk about tanya garcia. you highlighted several women and think every woman at home will be able to connect with one of these. tanya is a mother of two, you gave her a start over. let's look at her before picture and tell us what you think she needed. >> tanya was my image of the working mom. i love the black and white shot of her. i feel like she looks like a saint when she's sitting there. >> a modern mona lisa. >> this whole chapter talks about whether or not women can have it all.
2:53 am
because frankly, i don't think you can. >> not all at the same time. and not without a village supporting you. >> and you know, i think it's very easy for women to lose sight of themselves when they are being perfect wives, perfect mothers, working, being ceos, entertaining, going to the gym. >> there's a lot going on. >> let's see -- tell us how you fixed miss tanya up. i really wanted to give tanya the opportunity to get back into her groove. she had already started doing zoom ba -- zumba classes when she met me. she had been working it and it's about creating the person you want to be to be a great role model for her daughter. >> how much weight have you lost? >> i'm lost 30. >> zumba works, doesn't it? >> it absolutely works and it's fun. >> we needed her to see she was wearing clothes three sizes too big. she needed to find her body again and dress in a way that made her proud. not only of her accomplishments. >> not hiding. >> but also to show her daughter.
2:54 am
>> you're beautiful, stacey, the book is great. we wish you good luck with it. >> thank you so much, ladies. >> two celebrities battle it out, we hope they don't clam up. who wrote that? first, this is "today" on nbc. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated
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2:57 am
mandalay bay in las vegas. >> we're making two big chowders, guys? >> we're going to have a cookoff. we're going to make two separate chowders? >> that's right. we're doing a big event on saturday night together, a surfside soiree. we decided it's a perfect time for some delicious chowder. >> you're each going to get 60 seconds. and then we're going to come to you and sara is going to judge at the end. >> you're stuck with me. >> rachel, let's see what you got. >> it's fall there's some end of season tomatoes. juicy tomatoes. i've roasted these and grill in the oven so they're nice and juicy. and take them and puree them for a few minutes, chop them coarsely in the food processor and come back to them later and then i have clams. >> and i've steamed them. >> these are big cherrystone clams. >> what do you want me to do? hold it? >> broth in there, too. actually you take this and we're
2:58 am
going to strain the whole thing. just hold the bowl. >> the strainer. >> now you take them out. that's a big clam. >> three-second rule. >> we have the broth. >> these are beautiful. you're going to chop them up really coarsely. >> you've got time. >> then onions in here. cooked onions, i'm going do add some potatoes, add some chicken stock. the clam broth. the clam broth. and then some of those herbs. >> a little bit of seasoning. and then simmer it. >> don't put those in yet. >> she's sabotaging me. >> and this is it? >> i'm adding the tomatoes, clams, letting it simmer together and then i garnish. >> huber, go.
2:59 am
>> so here i have some little clams, i just put them in clam juice. kathie lee, if you want to take the spider. >> let me help you with the spider. >> get out of here. >> over here i have some onions that i cook very slowly. the whole idea was not to brown the onions. >> keep them nice and gooey. >> exactly. and then as soon as we have that, i will take the juice and we put the juice over. >> the juice. nest pas. >> merci beaucoup. >> so once i have that you cook it for about 40 minutes. >> you cook it for 30 seconds. >> and put the cream inside. >> a little bouquet garni. >> and then -- >> we're going to taste. >> we don't want you to -- >> all right. >> and then -- this is the moment, huber. >> i'm exhausted.


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